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Ava Leigh Marchande 

Ava Leigh Marchande is a pen name for Sandra R Neeley.  

Under the name Ava Leigh Marchande, I write 'clean' Paranormal, Fantasy, and SciFi Romances.  If you love the stories found in the paranormal genre and all its subgenres, but prefer the 'closed door' approach when it comes to the more intimate scenes, look for stories from Ava Leigh Marchande. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.



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Beatrice Butters 

Beatrice Butters is a pseudonym adopted by a very loving Nana (author Sandra R Neeley) to tell the stories she’s always wanted to tell. Each of Beatrice's stories are meant to entertain, and hopefully give a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to things we have all experienced at one time or another regardless of our ages. You can contact Beatrice at, or on the ‘Alter Egos’ tab of Sandra R Neeley’s website at



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