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A SciFi Fantasy Romance Short


This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Orlgo was one of the last of a unique breed. He’d been exiled, for nothing more than existing. His species was feared, ostracized.  He needed a host – required one in order to live, thrive.  Because of that, most other species considered his people parasitic. He supposed in a way, maybe they were – but there was so much more to it than that.  He’d given up hope – intentionally left on an abandoned space station near the outer reaches of the universe, there was no chance for him to find a host.  No chance for him to survive.  He’d wished day after day after day for just one chance to claim a host. Now he wasn’t so sure. Insanity had begun to rear its unavoidable head. He wasn’t sure he could survive a rejection from a host even if one was available. Then, a female crash lands on his space station. Could this be his chance? Would she fear him, or could he possibly win her over? Maybe show her that he was not what he was rumored to be. He needed to watch her, learn her likes and dislikes, find a way to present himself that would attract her to him, earn her trust so he could make her his host before she could run from him.

   Chloe’d been alone her entire life, learning the hard way that you could only depend on yourself.  “Learn to fight alone,” the nuns at the orphanage had told her.  So, she had.  She’d fought relationships, fought attachments, fought society and fought the “norm.”  Which is how she ended up alone on the edges of the known universe far from any of the mining planets she routinely made supply runs for – in a damaged ship – without any choice but to maroon herself on an abandoned space station.  This was apparently home until she could manage to repair her ship. Hopefully, there wouldn’t be any lifeforms lurking that had any desire to make her their dinner, or worse. There were some things worse than death.  She looked back at her ship, knowing that a rescue was unlikely.  She’d managed to activate the homing beacon, so that anyone searching for her would be able to locate the signal and come for her. But that was just the problem, there would be no one looking for her.  She wished she’d taken the time when she had the chance to connect with anyone, at any time, so someone would know to look for her.

  Fate has a funny way of giving just what is needed, exactly when it’s needed and not an ounce more or sooner. Whether or not it’s a blessing or a curse to all parties involved is in the eye of the beholder.  One should always be careful what they wish for, they just might get it.

Intended for mature audiences.



A ghost story. A romance. A love that spans lifetimes.


This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Samuel and Clarice live in a time that demands their love remain hidden or risk being ostracized by the society of the day. Her father learns of her indiscretion — her shame on his family name — and his actions separate the two forever.


But all is not lost. Samuel’s mother is a Voodoo Priestess, one of the most powerful in New Orleans. Desperately, she searches for a way to free her son from the curse he unwittingly brought down on himself with a simple prayer to protect his beloved Clarice.


Samuel stands silently by, watching decades pass as he dreams of his beloved Clarice. He’s lost all hope, until one day a little girl happens upon his tomb. Surely, he’s mistaken — can she see him?

Only Fools Walk Free



This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Rufus Jamisey Claremont, Jaime for short, is the brooding image of a man most women dream of. He’s never known anything other than being alone. Deserted as a child, he’s always felt not even good enough to give away, just thrown away. Raised by his aunt, he’s struggled to keep himself on the right path. That path being one that would keep him far and away from an ancient family prophecy that speaks of fire and flame. And he’s done a pretty good job of it — until now. Now, after all these years, a girl with flaming red hair, a scathing dose of sarcasm, and a body that calls to him on a cellular level comes sauntering into town. Despite his undeniable attraction to her, Jaime just wants her to leave. The wildlife in his hometown is more than a fable, and it can make people disappear. It’s better for all concerned if she just goes.


Ruby Anastasia Parker has only a few months to complete her dissertation and turn it in, then she’s done with grad school and on to the next adventure. She fears nothing and no one. She’s come to a small town in the middle of nowhere to research the local fables and wildlife. She’s alone, and prefers to keep it that way. Her parents managed to keep their distance from her entire life — as a result she’s developed a fear of commitment and setting down roots of any kind. She lives her life out of her suitcase. She spies a tanned, dark-curly haired, muscled up mechanic at the auto repair shop on the outskirts of town. If she’s lucky, she’ll get to spend a night or two with more than one type of local wildlife before she’s on her way again.


For years there’s been a rumor of huge, human-sized bats that nest in the hills of Calabasas, New Mexico. Ruby’s on a mission to find out if they exist. If she’s right, and she can find them, she’ll be famous, able to pick her new assignment anywhere in the world.

Jaime, on the other hand, is desperate to protect the infuriating, red-headed, spitfire from both herself, and the bats she’s convinced herself exist. If they find her, and recognize her for what truly she is — she may never be seen again. And losing her is something Jaime’s found to his dismay, he just can’t live with.


Warning: Intended for mature audiences. 


Safe On Base:

   A Howls Romance


Loosely connected to Riley's Pride

This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Basilio is the epitome of the rich, professional athlete overindulging in wine, women, and partying. He’s lived that life for so long he’s had more than his fill. All he wants is to find his mate. Basilio, or Base, as he’s known to all the baseball world, is a Primate shifter, a Silverback Gorilla to be exact. But none of the people in his inner circle know he’s anything other than human. He’s growing disenchanted quickly. Then, one day he literally runs into her, his mate, or she runs into him. She keeps her head down, working to clean their locker room, while doing her best to avoid the lewd, offensive remarks of some of his teammates. Turning on his teammates, Base defends her, but before he can catch up to his mate – she disappears, leaving him to run after her like a lovesick puppy…er, Gorilla.


Renata is a single mother struggling to survive. She’s got to do more than just make ends meet. She’s got to keep her head down, wary at all times to be sure she’s not noticed by anyone. Renata’s been on the run for almost four years now. The man she’s running from is her ex, her son’s father. He’s a shifter, and he’s determined to return Renata to his harem of females and to brutally raise her son to take his place as Prime of their troop. He hid his true nature from Renata until she’d delivered a male heir, but there’s no way in hell she’ll allow him to brutalize her sweet baby or herself. Now that she’s aware shifters exist and just how dangerous they are, she’ll never make that mistake again. So, she ran, and she keeps running. Every time anyone pays even the smallest bit of attention to her and her son, she’s off again.


A Major League pitcher accustomed to the limelight and a quiet, shy single mother, determined to stay out of it. Can they find a way to work out their differences and become what the other needs? Or will they end up torn apart and bleeding – possibly quite literally – as they struggle to survive the mating instinct?


Warning: Intended for mature audiences. This book contains violence, abuse both real and inferred, and sexual situations that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.


Blessed Curse

This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Solange has lived all her life in the shadows of the circumstances that gave her life. Raised by her great grandmother who is Granddame of one of the strongest covens in North America, she’s trained since a very young age to seek out and eliminate all traces of the scourge that both created her, and took her mother from her. Now, she’s joined an organization that is dedicated to the same end — all vampires must be eliminated. Finally she finds him, the ancient who determined the direction of her life before she ever took her first breath. She plots, she stalks, she attacks. She’ll accept nothing less than success. Any who stand in her way will be struck down.


Alastair is an ancient vampire, his humanity long ago forgotten. He lives for one reason now — satisfaction, in whatever form it may come. He notices a young woman rushing through the park one fateful night, and once in his grasp, he realizes she belongs to a coven that he blames for his ultimate downfall more than a century before. This coven’s Granddame ignored his pleas for help during a rare moment of clarity. He devises a plan on the spot to plague them all without end. He takes the woman. He claims her. He mates her. Then he returns her to her coven. Little does he know, the very curse he seeks to gift the Granddame with, is the very same curse that will rain vengeance down upon him.


Crispin has lived a long life, alone. He was turned against his will as an afterthought by an ancient vampire just to fill the hours of a boring existence. Now, he wanders — lonely, watching, searching, protecting others from his creator as best he can. He moves on the outer fringes of his own kind, more of an observer than a participant. Every day blends into the next — until he sees her. She’s stalking the oldest and most dangerous of them all. She’s stalking his maker. She’s strong, graceful, beautiful, well-trained, and deadly. She’s a slayer. And she’s the first thing that’s made his cold, dead heart thunder to life since he became this new Crispin all those centuries ago. He cannot look away. Now the slayer, and her target are both being stalked.

Warning: Intended for mature audiences. This book contains violence, abuse both real and inferred, and sexual situations that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

This book was originally included in the E.V.I.E. Charity Anthology.  It has since been reworked and expanded for individual release.


Thorns of Blood

A Fairy Tale Reimagined

This book is a work of fiction, creative license has been taken.

Thorns of Blood is a reimagining of the classic childhood fairy tale of a beautiful sleeping princess and the handsome prince who awakens her.


In it, you’ll see that not all beauty is good. Not all darkness is evil. And unfortunately, beauty can often hide evil.


Morrigan is the beautiful Princess, cursed to sleep forever.


Fairuza is the Faerie Queen, who has cursed not only Morrigan, but most everything surrounding Morrigan’s castle.


Yet all is not as it seems, as Prince Alexi, pure of heart, soon finds out.


Turn the page; join us, dear reader, and you’ll see for yourself the true origins of this beloved tale. In actuality it’s a ‘Faerie Tale’, and to this day the facts are often skewed.

Warning: Intended for mature adults. This is not a Fairy Tale for children.


Revelations, The Order

Book 1,

A SciFi Romance from Sandra R Neeley and Chris Storm

What do you get when you take a snippy, sarcastic Georgia peach with a huge heart and a spine of steel, mix her in with beings who’ve watched over mankind since the beginning of time, and pit them against their brethren who are traveling across the universe eradicating all their failed experiments at seeding unsettled planets, placing Earth high on their list?


You get, ‘Revelations: The Order, Book 1’


The Saurinai have lived on Earth since the dawn of humanity. They have been known by many names — gods and daevas, spirits and demons, and archangels from the heavens. While they may look like angels, these immortal aliens are from another world. They call themselves ‘The Order’ and they are all that stand between their own people and the destruction of mankind. Rhavele, First Archon of The Order, their leader and the most powerful of their kind, is slowly slipping into insanity, as so many of their people have done over the eons they’ve lived on Earth. The phantom that haunts his waking moments is a very real danger — if he loses control to the she-phantom stalking his mind, there is no hope that humanity will survive the coming onslaught.


Aurora Rose MacKay is a proud Southern woman with a strength honed by generations of women before her and a heart as big as her home state of Georgia. She’s determined to make it as an artist in the big city, just as soon as she can stop bailing her baby brother out of trouble. Until then, she does everything she can to make everyone she meets smile a little more, feel they mattered to her for a little while. She’s a ray of warmth in a cold impersonal world. Her only respite is a fantasy man she’s dreamt of as far back as she can remember. Sounds innocent, right? What could possibly go wrong with a dream? Well, finding out he’s real, and you belong to him could put a new twist on things. But one thing is certain; as long as she’s in the line of fire, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains intimacy, as well as violence, both real and implied, that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

Leo's Captive

Book 5,

Astrological Mates Collection

It’s been twenty years since the event known as ‘The Convergence’ occurred and changed the world. Life on Earth has changed — for some more drastically than for others.

Jocelyn didn’t ascribe to her family’s ‘doomsayer’ philosophies. The Convergence was not the end of the world in her opinion, rather, it opened the door for endless opportunities. And now, she’d finally broken free of both the California Wild Lands, and her family’s ideology. Granted, a job on the cleaning crew at the air force base, was not the opportunity she’d always dreamed of, but it was a step toward it. She was meeting people — of all species — and she was standing on her own in the world, ready for the next step. The next step, however, was not supposed to be the entire base in lock down, searching for her, as she desperately looked for a way to escape.


Kasar understood exactly how he’d been coerced into being the lead negotiator with Earth. But that didn’t make him any happier about it. He didn’t want their natural resources, their pathetic technology, or any of their females as a mate, and he especially didn’t want to be here. He’d maintained his stance that Earth should be left on their own due to their self-destructive nature, despite the fact that his opinions had fallen on deaf ears. Now, though, a human female has assassinated a superior officer on the base his delegation is currently visiting, both proving his point, and effectively ending negotiations. At least he’s finally on his way home, and looking forward to getting back to life as he knows it. It shouldn’t be long until he arrives, unless of course he’s blown out of orbit for assisting the murderous female he’s just found hiding on his ship!

This book is a work of fiction. All characters and situations are products of the author’s imagination.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains intimacy and sexual situations, as well as violence and abuse both real and implied, that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.


Your horoscope for today:

The planets have aligned in your favor. The constellations hold the key to finding a love that burns brighter than all the stars in the cosmos.

Twelve Signs.

Twelve Sci-Fi Authors.

Get ready for....


How My Krynch Saved Christmas

An Otherworldly Christmas

One bitter, disillusioned, post-menopausal human female who’s experienced so much pain that she can’t even enjoy Christmas anymore.

One large, green, alien bounty-hunter with a no-nonsense attitude who wants nothing more than to slip onto the forbidden planet (Earth), capture his targets and get out before anyone notices he’s there.


One very irritable, grouchy cat named Satan Claws, who tolerates no one but the woman who liberated him from the shelter.

Can they somehow all manage to save each other, and maybe Christmas, too, while they’re at it?


This is a fun, quick, Christmas story of only about 25,000 words that is meant to make you smile.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plot, places, circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination. All are human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

Please be sure to look into the other two books in the trilogy. 

How My Jingleballs Saved Christmas, by Rena Marks

How My Alien Saved Christmas, by Liz Paffel



From Earth, with Love

Alien Love Letters

     Valentine’s Day sucks. It always has. Especially for a socially awkward woman. Leave that woman alone, bitter and angry after the death of her husband, and it only gets worse. Her husband was the only one who ever understood her, the only one who ever cared. Probably because of his own social ineptness, but that’s beside the point. He’s gone now, and that’s not the worst of it — there’s a bit of lying by omission surrounding his death. And doesn’t that just piss her off!

His long inactive email address is the only outlet she’s got. So, she floods it with her messages of frustration, messages of anger, and messages of loneliness. Messages that clearly show she’s given up, that she no longer even makes an effort. Little does she know, though, her letters to her late husband have been received.

   Oh, not by him. They’ve been intercepted. His position as a scientist with SETI put him on the radar of some very secretive, very surprising, very unexpected people. One of them in particular feels her words as he reads them, and makes it his priority to be sure that only he receives them. He wants more for her than simply learning to accept her situation in life and move on from her grief and anger. And if he has his way, he’ll be a part of her healing, and ultimately her happiness. But first he has to manage to survive a political coup, a revolt so to speak. It’s a necessary confrontation that hopefully will save not only her, but her entire world.

     Maybe then she’ll see him and accept him without fear. A lonely alien can hope, can’t he?



This is a fun, quick, Valentine story of only about 32,000 words.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plots and circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination, except for the actual places and organizations mentioned. Those are all fully acknowledged copyrights and trademarks of the subject entities. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademarked ownership of all trademarks and word marks mentioned in this book. All else is human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.


Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.


This sweet and steamy holiday tale is part of the Alien Love Letters collection, a collaboration of five authors telling holiday tales with a science fiction romance twist. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and can be read in any order. They are as follows:


Please look into the other four books in the collection.


Susan Trombley — From Thok, with Love

Rena Marks — From Zestria, with Love

Julie K Cohen — From Vangar, with Love

Sandra R Neeley — From Earth, with Love

Tracy Lauren — From Zapathia, with Love

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