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Lion shifters. An entire Pride of them; finding their way, growing, prospering, living side by side with humans — and humans have no clue they exist.

After years of bearing witness to his father’s brutal abuse of the members of his Pride, Jack seizes control. He’s a fairer Alpha, a kinder Alpha, a more just Alpha, and a much more powerful one as well. Those who stand beside him now, stood beside him as they grew up under his father’s rule. They and all the members of the Pride are thankful for Jack as he leads them into a new way of life with zero abuse, fewer rules and more opportunities to prosper. Jack will do all he can to right the wrongs his father forced on the community they call home, except those he himself has endured. He believes had he been a better male, there may not be quite so much to have to put to rights, and therefore doesn’t deserve what he’s lost. So, he watches as his people thrive and learn to be happy, able to make their own choices in life.

That’s all he needs. Their successes will be his reward. He’ll cheer them on as they ROAR.


ROAR, Book 1

   About This Book

Kassidy was happy. She loved, and was loved, working side by side with her mate, building a life with little constraints, loving a male she was destined for — or so he said. Finding herself suddenly locked in an underground safe room with no way out was not at all what she saw in her future. Yet here she was, hidden away despite her objections, while her mate dealt with the threat to them both. His last words to her were, ‘When this door is opened, if he looks like me, you're safe. If he doesn’t, shoot him. Shoot them all.’. Since her savior looks just like Jared, she didn’t shoot. He’s holding her in his arms, promising to keep her safe. He’s sharing her pain, telling her that he hurts for Jared, too. So, this is obviously what Jared had planned for her in the event of his demise. The only problem now is the male that steals her attention at every turn isn't’ the one who saved her. But when he looks at her with that intensity in his eyes, her heart skips a beat, and makes her feel worse than she has yet. She’s supposed to be mourning her lost love, not hoping for a glimpse of the sexy CFO of the Pride.


Vance was born with the kind of intelligence that’s intimidating to most. Recognized early on, his Alpha informed him that he’d be applying himself through higher education and handling all the finances of the Pride. He wasn’t asked, he was informed. That was how his Alpha did things. Knowing his future was decided at an early age, he never questioned it. He never had much chance to roughhouse or chase the females like his brother, or most of their friends did. He was held to a higher standard. He had to focus — maintain a perfect grade point average and reputation, then guide the Pride businesses into profit. And that’s what he did. Even after one of his closest friends removed their Alpha and took the position himself, he continued on, doing what he was trained to do — what he did best. Until today. Today his new Alpha escorted his best friend’s mate through their business facility. Today he learned his Alpha was most likely going to claim that female as his own — a normal thing in their customs when a beloved family member dies leaving a young mate behind. Today he decided that no way in hell was anybody claiming this new female but him. She’s his fated, regardless of what he’s got to do, or how long it takes, she will be his.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters and situations are products of the author’s imagination.


Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

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