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Avaleigh's Boys

Follow a  family of badass southern shifters who make their home in the backwoods and bayous of South Louisiana. They fight, cuss, love hard and battle all odds in search of their one true Mate; but always, they stand together. Family by choice, these Dragon, Bear, Wolf and Lion shifters will steal your heart and sweep you away to accompany them on their journeys. Intended for Mature Audiences.

Whispers From the Bayou

The swamps of south Louisiana shelter all manner of creature, paranormal as well as natural wildlife. Whispers is a community of paranormal beings hidden deep within the most uninhabitable areas of the wetlands. All of its inhabitants — be they Vampires, Shifters, Gargoyles, Banshees, Ancients, Windigo, Mer-people or any other — came here for one reason; Sanctuary. The members of this community intentionally migrated here over time in an effort to escape humankind and their intolerant ways. Some species were hunted to the point of near extinction, those few who survived, now live here. They all have one rule, one unbreakable rule — no humans. No humans are allowed to know about their community. It’s the only way they can all remain safely hidden away.  Intended for Mature Audiences.

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Imagine waking up in hell.  Face to face with aliens that no one on your planet even knows exist.  It’s not possible – there is not life other than as we know it in the universe. Yet, here you are; a subspecies, relegated to service, of any type they happen to demand. Your existence – it depends on the species that owns you, and your behavior in general. It can be a hell beyond all imagining, but… it may just be the best thing that ever happened to you. It may just be your safe HAVEN. Intended for mature audiences.

Haven Reclaimed.jpg

Riley's Pride

There’s a new Alpha in town. He’s tried for too long to make a life in a place with more than its share of Alphas. His Panther has decided enough is enough. His Mate has renounced him as a result of a grave misunderstanding, and he’s struck out on his own, forging a new future and a new Pride that will welcome all who have struggled to find their place. He will be their Alpha — they will live by his rules. Together they will make a new life in the hills and mountains of Missouri. They’ll build a life to be proud of, a life that will welcome all their Mates, if they are lucky enough to find them. A life his own estranged Mate will hopefully be drawn to. It will be dangerous, because the shifters that have struggled to find a place are usually the most unpredictable, those that never fit anywhere else. But that’s what makes life interesting isn’t it — danger, unpredictability and love? 

Intended for mature audiences.



They were once human; at least they think they were. It’s hard to be sure with no conscious memory of your past to rely on. Their dreams haunt them, they seem to indicate there was a past. But now…now they are little more than bestial. Vengeance, bitterness and anger are what drive them now. The most violent of them are on a mission to rain hell down upon the heads of those who made them this way; others want only peace and quiet, maybe a little love,  after years of cold, calculating combat. Funny how just a tweak of ones DNA can make such different creatures, just one little variance in that little chain of creation. So different, yet they are all, VARIANT. Intended for mature audiences.

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Respite Variant 7.jpg


A Paranormal Shifter Romance Series. 


Lion shifters. An entire Pride of them; finding their way, growing, prospering, living side by side with humans — and humans have no clue they exist.

After years of bearing witness to his father’s brutal abuse of the members of his Pride, Jack seizes control. He’s a fairer Alpha, a kinder Alpha, a more just Alpha, and a much more powerful one as well. Those who stand beside him now, stood beside him as they grew up under his father’s rule. They and all the members of the Pride are thankful for Jack as he leads them into a new way of life with zero abuse, fewer rules and more opportunities to prosper. Jack will do all he can to right the wrongs his father forced on the community they call home, except those he himself has endured. He believes had he been a better male, there may not be quite so much to have to put to rights, and therefore doesn’t deserve what he’s lost. So, he watches as his people thrive and learn to be happy, able to make their own choices in life.

That’s all he needs. Their successes will be his reward. He’ll cheer them on as they ROAR.


The Order

A SciFi Romance Series co-written with Chris Storm. 


The Saurinai have lived on Earth since the dawn of humanity. They've been known by many names — gods and daevas, spirits and demons, and archangels from the heavens. While they may look like angels, these immortal aliens are from another world. They call themselves ‘The Order’ and they are all that stand between their own people and the destruction of mankind. 



Standalone novel. 


For years there's been a rumor of huge, human-sized bats that nest in the hills of Calabasas, New Mexico. Ruby’s on a mission to find out if they exist. If she’s right, and she can find them, she’ll be famous, able to pick her new assignment anywhere in the world.

Jaime, on the other hand, is desperate to protect the infuriating, red-headed, spitfire from both herself, and the bats she’s convinced exist. If they find her, and recognize her for what truly she is — she may never be seen again. And losing her is something Jaime’s found to his dismay, he just can’t live with.


Intended for mature audiences. 



They could be deadly, but without provocation, rarely were.  They needed their host's emotions, their thoughts, their dreams. That's what kept them alive. Without their host, they would slowly go insane. Intended for mature audiences.

A SciFi Fantasy Romance Short


Only Fools Walk Free

A ghost story. A romance. A love that spans lifetimes.

Samuel and Clarice live in a time that demands their love remain hidden or risk being ostracized by the society of the day. Her father learns of her indiscretion — her shame on his family name — and his actions separate the two forever.


But all is not lost. Samuel’s mother is a Voodoo Priestess, one of the most powerful in New Orleans. Desperately, she searches for a way to free her son from the curse he unwittingly brought down on himself with a simple prayer to protect his beloved Clarice.


Samuel stands silently by, watching decades pass as he dreams of his beloved Clarice. He’s lost all hope, until one day a little girl happens upon his tomb. Surely, he’s mistaken — can she see him?


This story is loosely connected to my Riley's Pride series.


Blessed Curse:

A Vampire Slayer Romance


     Solange has lived all her life in the shadows of the circumstances that gave her life. Raised by her great grandmother who is Granddame of one of the strongest covens in North America, she’s trained since a very young age to seek out and eliminate all traces of the scourge that both created her, and took her mother from her. Now, she’s joined an organization that is dedicated to the same end — all vampires must be eliminated. Finally she finds him, the ancient who determined the direction of her life before she ever took her first breath. She plots, she stalks, she attacks. She’ll accept nothing less than success. Any who stand in her way will be struck down.  

     Alastair is an ancient vampire, his humanity long ago forgotten. He lives for one reason now — satisfaction, in whatever form it may come. He notices a young woman rushing through the park one fateful night, and once in his grasp, he realizes she belongs to a coven that he blames for his ultimate downfall more than a century before. This coven’s Granddame ignored his pleas for help during a rare moment of clarity. He devises a plan on the spot to plague them all without end. He takes the woman. He claims her. He mates her. Then he returns her to her coven. Little does he know, the very curse he seeks to gift the Granddame with, is the very same curse that will rain vengeance down upon him.


Leo's Captive

In conjunction with the Astrological Mates Universe.


Your horoscope for today:

The planets have aligned in your favor. The constellations hold the key to finding a love that burns brighter than all the stars in the cosmos.

Twelve Signs.

Twelve Sci-Fi Authors.

Twelve full length novels.

Get ready for....


Coming 2023

Erin M Raegan , Jessica Grayson , Lucy Peace, SJ Sanders Celia Kyle , Ella Blake , Kelsey Nicole Price , Tracy Lauren , Stephanie West Harpie Alexa Sandra Rambin Neeley, Annalise Alexis



Thorns of Blood

A Fairy Tale Reimagined.

Thorns of Blood is a reimagining of the classic childhood fairy tale of a beautiful sleeping princess and the handsome prince who awakens her.


In it, you’ll see that not all beauty is good. Not all darkness is evil. And unfortunately, beauty can often hide evil.


Morrigan is the beautiful Princess, cursed to sleep forever.


Fairuza is the Faerie Queen, who has cursed not only Morrigan, but most everything surrounding Morrigan’s castle.


Yet all is not as it seems, as Prince Alexi, pure of heart, soon finds out.


Turn the page; join us, dear reader, and you’ll see for yourself the true origins of this beloved tale. In actuality it’s a ‘Faerie Tale’, and to this day the facts are often skewed.

This story is for mature readers only. This is an adult fairy tale, not intended for children of any age.



The Orcs Of Clan Cuhmdach

Fall through an ancient Fae portal to a time when Orcs ruled the Irish countryside. Stumble into an arranged marriage with an Orc who wants you less than you want him. And when it’s all said and done? Frantically search for a way to travel through time back to his side, in Book 1,


Inherit a primeval cottage and hidden magic that once belonged to your Irish ancestors. Unwittingly attract the attentions of a legendary creature who shouldn’t exist. Assume you’re being stalked and defend yourself, causing both of you to be flung back in time! Then desperately pray the magic hidden in your lineage can repair the damage done and return your Orc to your side, in Book 2.


How My Krynch Saved Christmas

An Otherworldly Christmas

One bitter, disillusioned, post-menopausal human female who’s experienced so much pain that she can’t even enjoy Christmas anymore.


One large, green, alien bounty-hunter with a no-nonsense attitude who wants nothing more than to slip onto the forbidden planet (Earth), capture his targets and get out before anyone notices he’s there.


One very irritable, grouchy cat named Satan Claws, who tolerates no one but the woman who liberated him from the shelter.


Can they somehow all manage to save each other, and maybe Christmas, too, while they’re at it?


This is a fun, quick, Christmas story of only about 25,000 words that is meant to make you smile.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plot, places, circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination. All are human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.


Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence and/or abuse both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.


From Earth, with Love

Alien Love Letters

Maybe this year Valentine’s Day won’t be the disappointment Maryanne expects; especially if the alien commander admiring her from afar has anything to say about it.


Valentine’s Day sucks. It always has. Especially for a socially awkward woman. Leave that woman alone, bitter and angry after the death of her husband, and it only gets worse. Her husband was the only one who ever understood her, the only one who ever cared. Probably because of his own social ineptness, but that’s beside the point. He’s gone now, and that’s not the worst of it — there’s a bit of lying by omission surrounding his death. And doesn’t that just piss her off!

His long inactive email address is the only outlet she’s got. So, she floods it with her messages of frustration, messages of anger, and messages of loneliness. Messages that clearly show she’s given up, that she no longer even makes an effort. Little does she know, though, her letters to her late husband have been received.

Oh, not by him. They’ve been intercepted. His position as a scientist with SETI put him on the radar of some very secretive, very surprising, very unexpected people. One of them in particular feels her words as he reads them, and makes it his priority to be sure that only he receives them. He wants more for her than simply learning to accept her situation in life and move on from her grief and anger. And if he has his way, he’ll be a part of her healing, and ultimately her happiness. But first he has to manage to survive a political coup, a revolt so to speak. It’s a necessary confrontation that hopefully will save not only her, but her entire world.

Maybe then she’ll see him and accept him without fear. A lonely alien can hope, can’t he?


This is a fun, quick, Valentine story of just under 33,000 words.


This book is a work of fiction. All characters, plots and circumstances, situations and everything it entails are products of the author’s imagination, except for the actual places and organizations mentioned. Those are all fully acknowledged copyrights and trademarks of the subject entities. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademarked ownership of all trademarks and word marks mentioned in this book. All else is human-dreamed, human-imagined, and human-created.


Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains situations, sexual and otherwise, as well as violence both real and implied that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.


This sweet and steamy holiday tale is part of the Alien Love Letters collection, a collaboration of five authors telling holiday tales with a science fiction romance twist. Each book is a standalone, containing its own Happily Ever After, and can be read in any order. They are as follows:


Susan Trombley — From Thok, with Love

Rena Marks — From Zestria, with Love

Julie K Cohen — From Vangar, with Love

Sandra R Neeley — From Earth, with Love

Tracy Lauren — From Zapathia, with Love 

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