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But, If They Have Wings  A WINGS Prequel

Brandt's Rule, Book 1

Va'roush's story
Haven 7 

Once you hear it, you'll never walk away.

A surprise shared world to be announced at a later date. ORCs, people! It's ORCs!

And more, stay tuned...

Snippets from Leo's Captive, Astrological Mates, and Vance, Roar, Book 1.

Snippet from 'Leo's Captive, Astrological Mates, Book 5' 

Unedited, subject to change, copyrighted to Sandra R Neeley, 2022


~ “He was correct! This is completely unacceptable,” Kasar snarled.

“It is! They should have investigated the dead male long ago! Surely there were indications there was a problem,” Lavi said.

“I mean the female! Do you see the level to which she’s forced me?! My control is non-existent! My temper rages! Do you not understand how hard I worked to learn to control my anger? My dominance is not something that willingly takes a step back! It took years to learn the ability to be diplomatic! And in less than a week, it’s gone! Gone!” he bellowed! “This female cannot stay! I don’t care where you send her, I don’t care if it’s to Earth or any other of the planets in the Federation; but get rid of her!” Kasar demanded. He stalked away from Lavi leaving him standing alone on the flight deck with the on-duty crew looking at him.

Kasar’s feet, covered in biologically produced scale armor just like the rest of him, resonated as he stomped his way off the flight deck and toward the corridor.

Joci heard him, or what she thought was him coming, and turned quickly, trying to dart down the corridor and into her quarters.

“Come here!” he shouted, his voice rumbling with a growl the moment he saw her.

Joci squeaked. Literally, as she increased her speed. But it made no difference. Before she even got three more steps toward safety, Kasar was on her.

His legs burst into action, and it only took three steps for his muscular thighs to place him immediately behind her. He reached out with one arm, wrapped it around her waist and yanked her back and off her feet. He held her back against his chest, as he pushed his face against the side of her head from behind. “Who do you think you are running from, little human?” he growled in her ear.

“Put me down,” she said, her voice quivering as her heart rate picked up and every inch of her flesh broke out in shivers.

“Oh, I’ll put you down. But you won’t like it when I do,” he answered, stalking toward his own quarters.

“Let me go,” Joci said, pushing at the muscled arm wrapped around her waist. Her legs began to push at his shins as she struggled to get free. She really didn’t want to anger him any more than he already was. She just wanted down. Her feet scraped across his scales, not even affecting him as she started to grow more and more anxious. She didn’t fear him, she feared her reaction to him. Every nerve ending in her body was standing at attention, begging for his touch.

“Stop it!” he snarled in her ear as she started struggling harder. “You make it even harder to resist you.”

Her stomach flipped when he made it clear he liked her struggling against him. “Put me down, Kasar,” she said, her voice pleading though her words were a command.

“Kasar! What are you doing?!” Lavi shouted. He’d just barely caught sight of them at the opposite end of the corridor as they turned down an intersecting one.

Kasar didn’t answer, he simply lengthened his stride, reaching his quarters before Lavi reached him. His door opened as he approached and he didn’t even break stride as he entered. The door slid closed behind him, and he spun to face it, slamming his palm on the sensor beside it. Then he strode away from it, not stopping until he dropped Joci on one of the large chairs in his sitting room. She bounced a bit at the same time she turned to face him.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“I want to know why you have the ability to deconstruct every single ounce of control I’ve managed to build. I want to know how it is that a simple, little…” he was so flustered he was having trouble finding his words.

“Inconsequential?” she tossed at him with a bit of an attitude.

He looked at her, his head canting slightly to the right. “Inconsequential, eavesdropping, human female can force me from Amandala to primal in the blink of an eye.”

“I don’t!” she shouted defiantly.

“Yes, you certainly do!” he growled, dropping to his knees in front of her while at the same time gripping her legs and thrusting them into the air.

The shirt she wore belted at her waist slid up her thighs exposing her throbbing center to him since she had no undergarments.

She’d been upended, her legs spread, her feet up higher than her head as she lay on her back and struggled to regain her balance, slapping at his hands as they held her ankles.

Kasar’s chest rumbled as he looked down at the swollen, pink, wet flesh between her legs. He licked his lips as his gaze slowly traveled up to hers.

“No,” she whispered, watching him wide eyed.

“Yes,” he answered, on a growl.~


Snippet from 'Vance, Roar, Book 1'

Unedited, Subject to change, Copyrighted to Sandra R Neeley 2022

~ Bonnie jogged lightly down the stairs and fairly bounced into the kitchen, humming as she went.

Jack turned to face the entry way at the same time she stepped into view.

He simply stood still, his coffee cup held against his lips mid-sip.

She came to a full and screeching halt.

Jack raised an eyebrow at her early morning joy.

“Sorry. I didn’t think anyone else was here.”

He raised his other brow.

“I mean, except for Kassidy. I just changed her bandages. We went to just band aids this time. After a day or two of band aids she shouldn’t need anything further at all. They’re more to remind her not to try to use her hands too much than anything else.”

He sipped his coffee. “Good. Seems your salves work wonders, as always.”

She nodded, then looked at the coffee pot, where she’d been intending to pilfer a cup of coffee on her way out, then to the front door, and back to Jack. “I guess I’ll be on my way, then,” she said.

“I guess so,” he answered.

She looked at him, and so many emotions flitted across her face that he couldn’t quite read any of them.

His own face was fully guarded, so she had no hope of deciphering his either. The only thing she picked up from him was irritation.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, then made an effort to slow her steps and reduce the bounce she’d had in her stride before stumbling on him in the kitchen.

He watched her go, wondering why she always apologized and made a quick exit when he was around. He set his coffee cup on the counter and when doing so, his glance passed over the coffee pot. He sighed. The coffee pot. She’d been hoping for a cup of coffee. Quickly, before she had time to get too far away, he hurriedly dumped his coffee in the sink, went back to the pot and poured a fresh cup, then added a squirt of honey, and a fair amount of milk. He rushed from the kitchen through the living room, and on seeing her fleece jacket across the arm of the sofa snatched it up, too, before he opened the door, prepared to issue a sharp whistle to call her back. But instead, he ran right into her.




Bonnie walked out of Jack’s house and pulled the door quietly closed behind herself. She ran her hands up and down her upper arms to warm her skin, realizing for the first time that she’d left her jacket inside. “Damn!” she grumbled. She turned and looked at the door, seemed to deflate into herself, and turned her back to the door again. “I’m not going back in there. He barely tolerates the fact that I breathe, much less in his house.”

She stood there considering her options. She lived far enough from Jack’s house that it was inconvenient to run back home for another jacket or a sweatshirt before running to the grocery in town. But she didn’t want to be cold, either. “Crap!” she cursed. Then all in one instant, the door opened and Jack rushed out, almost knocking her to the ground.

“Oh, shit!” he exclaimed, his left arm letting go of her fleece jacket to quickly wrap his arm around her waist to keep her on her feet, while his right hand shot up in the air to hold the coffee cup aloft.

Bonnie shrieked in surprise, her hands going to his forearm around her waist to help balance herself.

“It’s okay, I got you. I got you,” Jack repeated.

Her heart was pounding, but it wasn’t from being startled. It was from Jack’s nearness. Slowly, she extricated herself from his hold, and turned to face him.

“The hell?” she asked, her voice forcibly calm now.

He grinned at her sheepishly. “I saved the coffee,” he said, lowering the cup he’d been holding out away from their bodies.

“Okay,” she said, her brows bunched up as she watched him critically.

“I’m sorry, Bonnie. Are you okay?” he finally asked, finding his voice.

“Yes. You just startled me. And it’s fine. It was my fault for still standing here.”

“Nah, it was just an accident. Here, this is for you,” he said, extending the coffee cup to her.

She looked at the cup. “Isn’t that your cup?” she asked, knowing full well it was the same cup he’d been drinking from just minutes earlier.

He shook his head, then leaned over to retrieve her jacket. “And this is yours, too.” He shook out the fleece jacket, then held it by the collar for her to slip into as she looked at him questioningly. “Put your arm in,” he said, lifting the jacket a little to indicate she should put it on.

“Okay,” she hesitatingly agreed. She slipped one arm in, then switched the coffee cup to her other hand and slipped her free hand into the opposite sleeve.

Jack situated the fleece jacket on her shoulders, straightening the collar. “Turn around,” he said.

Bonnie did as she was told. Mainly because he was the Alpha, but also because she was not sure at all what was happening here.

Jack reached for the bottom edges of the zipper on her fleece, engaging the zipper, then pulling the zipper up to ensure she was zipped in and warm. “How’s that?” he asked, looking up to meet her questioning gaze and smile at her.

“Uh, good.”

He gave a single nod of affirmation. “Can’t have you getting sick.”

“It’s not that cold out,” she said.

“Cold enough to have gooseflesh on your arms.”

She nodded.

“Girls at school?” he asked.

“Yes. I was headed to the grocery but forgot my jacket.”

“See? I knew you’d need it. You have security going with you?” he asked.

“No, it’s just the grocery. I always go alone.”

“You should be more careful,” he said.

“Okay,” Bonnie answered, feeling like she was in an alternate universe.

“Jack?” Kassidy called from inside the house, obviously looking for him.

Jack’s gaze cut briefly toward the house before focusing on Bonnie again.

“I’m taking Kassidy to see our property today. I’ll think she’ll be pleasantly surprised at the community she’ll have here.”

And just like that, Bonnie’s pounding heart thudded to a barely necessary beat as it struggled to overcome the feeling of a knife through it. Of course he’d be taking Kassidy as his mate since Jared had died. And he’d be showing her their land and introducing her to their Pride and explaining how it all worked to her. She struggled to return to the reality of her world after having been blindsided by Jack’s kindness just a few moments before. There was no way he’d ever look her way. And that was fine, she was aware of it — acutely aware. She’d been married to someone else, and had children to raise that weren’t his. But it didn’t make it hurt any less when she came face to face with the facts about his obviously impending mate status.

“I’m sure it’ll be a nice day,” she stammered, and tried to hand him back his coffee cup.

“No, that’s for you! Is it okay? Honey and heavy milk, right?” he asked, looking from the cup to her lips and back, waiting for her to try it.

On autopilot she sipped the coffee. “Perfect,” she said, forcing a smile.

“Good. Enjoy,” he said, turning his back to her and opening the door. “Be careful anytime you’re not on Pride land, Bonnie. Especially when doing something you see as mundane. Mundane makes you take things for granted. Anything could happen, we’re not sure what happened with Jared, yet.”

She nodded. “I understand.”

“Enjoy your day,” he said, stepping over the threshold and back into the house.

“You, too,” she said.

“Oh, I will,” he said, grinning at her.

Bonnie watched as Jack closed the door, and she listened as he called out to Kassidy. “Kassidy, honey? I’m right here. I was outside for a second.”

Bonnie’s heart hurt a little more when she heard him call Kassidy honey. She liked Kassidy, she really did. And she was glad she’d be loved and had a male and a home to welcome her after losing her mate. But Bonnie loved Jack. She’d always loved Jack. Even when her husband had been alive, she’d loved Jack. She’d loved her husband, too. He’d been a good male, a kind male, but he’d not been her fated mate. He’d been her chosen mate. Because that was what Alpha had ordered. She’d always believed he’d ordered it to keep Jack away from her. But at least he’d chosen a kind male, so she’d not had much room to complain. It could have been a lot worse.

She stood on the front porch of Jack’s home, commiserating how unfair life was, then feeling guilty because some had it so much worse than she did. She sipped her coffee once again, noting that it was perfect — exactly the way she liked it. Then she set the cup out of the way to the side of the door and hurried away, not wanting to see Jack and Kassidy when they came out to go on her tour of their Pride lands.



Jack stepped inside and closed the door behind himself, calling out to Kassidy as he headed to the kitchen for his phone. “Kassidy, honey? I’m right here, I was outside for a second,” he said. He grabbed his phone off the kitchen counter and dialed a number. He smiled to himself as he waited for the person he called to answer his call. He’d brought Bonnie coffee, and he’d put her fleece jacket on her to keep her warm. He smiled again, feeling a sense of accomplishment that he hadn’t before. He’d given her sustenance, and he’d protected her from the elements.

“Ready and willing!” Paxton said into the phone when he saw it was Jack’s number calling.

“Bonnie’s heading to the grocery. Alone. I don’t want her off our land without some kind of security.”

“She won’t be happy, but I got this.”

“Why won’t she be happy?” Jack asked.

“She feels like she’s a burden since her husband isn’t here to contribute. She’s wrong, though.”

“Yes, she’s wrong!” Jack said.

“But don’t worry. I could use a few things from the grocery anyway. I got this.”

“Thanks, Paxton,” Jack said.

“You’re welcome. You need anything from the store?” he asked.

“Not that I know of,” Jack said.

“See you later,” Paxton said, ending the call.

Jack looked at his phone curiously before sliding it into his back pocket. Didn’t Bonnie have any clue of how valuable she was to the Pride. Did she have no clue of the fact that she mattered, and was an important part of their Pride?

“Hey! I ran up stairs to change into a different shirt Bonnie lent to me,” Kassidy said, walking into the living room.

“No problem. That’s Bonnie's?” he asked, admiring the blue long sleeve Henley with the white and peach edged flower prints scattered across it that Kassidy wore.

“Yes. She’s brought me several things. At some point I need to get my own so I can give hers back to her.”

“We’ll take care of that. Maybe today, if we have time.”

“You’ve done so much already,” Kassidy said.

“And if you don’t have your own clothes, we haven’t done enough. Come on, let’s go show you around and introduce you to your new family.”~

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