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Alone, Exiled: Book 1
There are billions wandering Earth alone, praying for acceptance somewhere, by someone. Everyone deserves love, even those who aren't human.

But, If They Have Wings  A WINGS Prequel

New World
A Scifi Romance

Once you hear it, you'll never walk away.

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Snippet from Alone, Exiled, Book 1, Coming June 2022

Unedited, subject to change, copyrighted to Sandra R Neeley 2022.



She looked longingly out of the window at the beautiful day, and morning sun as it still shone down. “You know what? We’re all going outside,” she said. She gathered up the baby, then carried her to the side door. “You ready, Meatball?” she asked the dog nervously nosing the lamb she carried in her arms. Opening the door, she waited for Meatball to join her on the porch, then closed the door behind herself. She walked over near the garden she planned to refurbish today and laid the lamb, still wrapped in the blanket, on the grass. Meatball, just like she’d thought he would, laid down beside her. It took only a few minutes and the lamb was snoozing in the warm sun, freeing her to unload her truck and start working.

About forty-five minutes later, Meatball stood up and started wagging his tail as he looked out toward the road.

Delaney kept working with her gas-powered tiller, with an eye kept on the road. No one should be coming here. Especially not anyone that Meatball was friends with. Sure enough, though, about three minutes later a truck came into view. It came to a stop in front of her gate and it wasn’t until the driver got out that she realized who it was. Turning off her tiller, she swiped her sleeve across her forehead, leaving a smear of dirt as she walked over to see what he wanted.

“Hey,” she said. “Can I help you?”

“Delaney, right?” he asked.

“Yes. And you’re Walker,” she said.

Walker gave a stiff single nod.

Delaney nodded, then glanced toward his truck before focusing on Walker again. “Something I can do for you?” she asked.

“No. I brought your fertilizer.”

“My what?” she asked, confused.

“Susie at the feed store? She forgot to load your fertilizer this morning, so she sent me with it,” Walker said.

“Oh. I didn’t buy any fertilizer,” Delaney said.

Walker looked past Delaney to the barely quarter of an acre garden she was attempting to clean up and bring back to life. “Maybe you should have.”

Delaney followed his gaze and realized that, yes, maybe she should have. The small plot she’d used to have her garden in, had been left untended since her husband died. “Maybe,” she conceded.

“Where do you want it?” he asked, walking back to the bed of his truck.

“Right over there by the plants, I guess,” she said, taking a key out of her front pocket and unlocking her front gate. It was a twenty foot iron gate with a floating wheel that allowed her to open and close it easily. It was a heavy gate, and wouldn’t easily be forced open if she didn’t want it open. She pulled the gate open enough for Walker to get through easily, then stood there, waiting for him to enter with the fertilizer. He moved the four bags to the very end of the tailgate, then stacked two bags over one shoulder, while scooting the other two under his arm off the end of the tailgate, and walked through her gate. Delaney looped the chain through the gate to keep it closed, then followed him.

Walker stacked the fertilizer a couple of feet from the flower and vegetable plants, then squatted down to pay Meatball the attention he pitifully begged for. “Good boy,” Walker praised, taking the massive dog’s head in his hands and rubbing his jowls and ears before rubbing the dog’s shoulders and moving back up to his head.

“You must have a way with dogs. He doesn’t usually like strangers, or anyone else that’s not me,” Delaney said.

“He just knows I’m a friend,” Walker said.

The lamb started crying when it realized that Meatball wasn’t beside it any longer.

“Your baby’s crying, Meatball,” Delaney said.

Meatball ran over to the lamb and bounded happily around it for a minute as he watched Walker.

“I think Meatball is showing you his new friend,” Delaney said.

“Meatball? You named him Meatball?” Walker asked.

“Mr. Meatball, to be exact. He’s a goofball, and he loves to eat, yet he’s dignified,” Delaney said with a smile. “Hence, the Mr.”

“Mr. Meatball,” Walker said to himself as he watched the dog showing off his friend. “Okay, show me your new friend.”

Delaney watched Walker as he went over to where Meatball was obviously showing off the lamb. He squatted down and gently petted the lamb, then petted Meatball again. “You definitely have a way with animals.”

Walker shrugged. “They deserve respect just like all other living creatures.”

“They do,” Delaney agreed.

Walker stood up and looked out over the area she was trying to reestablish a garden in. It was overgrown and you could barely make out the rows. The grasses in and around it were yellow, brown and dead, it obviously hadn’t been tilled over after the last growing season it had been used in.

“Would have been easier if you’d prepared it last time you used it instead of just letting it all die where it was,” he said, matter-of-factly.

Delaney was staring at the garden area, just as he was. “Might have, if I wasn’t busy nursing my dying husband instead. And after he died, I just couldn’t seem to make myself care about a garden,” she said dispassionately. She turned her back on Walker as she made her way back toward the gate, expecting to lock it up after he went back through it so she could get back to work. “I’ll see you to the gate,” she said with a bit of an attitude.

But instead of him following her to the gate, she heard her tiller start up. Turning quickly, she was shocked to find Walker with tiller in hand, working on the row she’d been working on when he arrived. “What are you doing? I’ve got this,” she said, stalking back to him.

Walker looked up at as he continued to run the gas-powered tiller. “I know. But two of us can get it done more quickly.” Then he looked down at the tiller again, and completely tuned her out.

“Well, what do I do?” she asked, standing there watching him build the rows twice as quickly as she could have.

“Whatever you need to."