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I'm coming to Missouri!

Good Morning People!!

Been busy writing. Bam, aka Bramley Marchande, is making his presence known. Well, actually his clan is telling me his story as he tries to shush them, but it's working just fine regardless. I started his story last week. So for those of you who are Bam fans, he's coming, I promise.

Wanted to also let you know that I'm going to be at Ozark Indie Book Fest in Springfield, Missouri, October 19th - 22nd. I'll be signing books and wreaking havoc, er, I mean, having fun, so if you're close, come by and visit for a bit. The signing is October 20th and 21st. I hope you can make it. Here's the link if you'd like more info on it,

I also wanted to let you know that, "I'm Not A Dragon's Mate!" is now available on KU. We have just started moving the series over one book at a time, so for now only Book 1 is available on KU, but the others should follow shortly. So if you've always wanted to read it but haven't gotten around to it, and you're on KU, now's your chance. The link is It'll take you right there.

Thank you so much to all of you who love my boys as much as I do. Your notes and emails make me smile each and every day. I love you guys.

See you in the pages of the next one!

Happy Reading!


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