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Brain Ramblings From Sandra R Neeley!

Hello, book loving peoples. And fairy tale loving peoples! And Paranormal Romance loving peoples! You know what? How about paranormal, fairy tale, book loving peoples! There we go, that covers it!

Today, just a couple of hours ago, I decided to publish another book. It's been ready for a little while; in fact, I wrote it a year ago and have just been tweaking it ever since. And now, it's live.

It's a fairy tale reimagined. And I'm in love with the cover, it's all gothic, almost vampiric! Oh, did I say vampires? Yes, I did. Its got Fae, Vampires, a handsome Prince or two, and all kinds of fairy tale feels. Or should I say, Faerie Tale feels? Take a look...

Thorns of Blood is a reimagining of the classic childhood fairy tale of a beautiful sleeping princess and the handsome prince who awakens her.

In it, you’ll see that not all beauty is good. Not all darkness is evil. And unfortunately, beauty can often hide evil.

Morrigan is the beautiful Princess, cursed to sleep forever.

Fairuza is the Faerie Queen, who has cursed not only Morrigan, but most everything surrounding Morrigan’s castle.

Yet all is not as it seems, as Prince Alexi, pure of heart, soon finds out.

Turn the page; join us, dear reader, and you’ll see for yourself the true origins of this beloved tale. In actuality it’s a ‘Faerie Tale’, and to this day the facts are often skewed.


I am working on a SciFi Romance as well. It's called, 'Foray'. As in a foray into unknown places, and a foray into adventure. It also happens to be the name of the ship our heroine is on when she's snatched up by space pirates. Wait, hear me out... she shoots a flare gun at them and sets a couple of them on fire, requiring their buds to slap them repeatedly to put out the flames. Hehehe, funny, huh? They'd have left her alone if she hadn't tried to scorch them. Also, her name is Euphrosyne. Yep, the same as the Greek Goddess of joy, mirth and merriment. The pirate captain finds that hilariously funny, since joy, mirth and merriment is the farthest thing from her persona. Anyway, just a little hint of what I'll be releasing as soon as I'm done. Hopefully in December.

More to come soon, thanks for letting me ramble.



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