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It's September, my friends, and thank all that's holy that it is! I am sooo tired of summer, heat and humidity. But I'm not here to complain today. I'm here to share some really, REALLY exciting news with you.

Revelations, The Order, Book 1, is live!

What is Revelations? Is that what I'm hearing? I don't always communicate as well as I should, so, if you don't know - apologies. I'm about to make it up to you. Here goes...

Do you like SciFi Romance? Do you like Paranormal Romance? Do you like powerful Alpha males that would move heaven and Earth - literally - to keep you safe? Do you like Angeliens? 😉 Yep, I said Angeliens. They're aliens. Big, beautiful (most of them at least), alpha aliens, that happen to look like the human definition of angels. Seriously, feathers and all when in battle form. While we were co-writing the book - did I tell you that part? Chris Storm and I partnered on this one and co-wrote it. It's fanfreakingtastic! Anyway, the working title in my Scrivener file was actually 'Angel Aliens'. Then Chris thought up the Angeliens and I like it. Makes me laugh, so I keep using it. I digress, all you want is the book, right? Here it is, along with the blurb.

About This Book

What do you get when you take a snippy, sarcastic Georgia peach with a huge heart and a spine of steel, mix her in with beings who’ve watched over mankind since the beginning of time, and pit them against their brethren who are traveling across the universe eradicating all their failed experiments at seeding unsettled planets, placing Earth high on their list?

You get, ‘Revelations: The Order, Book 1’

The Saurinai have lived on Earth since the dawn of humanity. They have been known by many names — gods and daevas, spirits and demons, and archangels from the heavens. While they may look like angels, these immortal aliens are from another world. They call themselves ‘The Order’ and they are all that stand between their own people and the destruction of mankind. Rhavele, First Archon of The Order, their leader and the most powerful of their kind, is slowly slipping into insanity, as so many of their people have done over the eons they’ve lived on Earth. The phantom that haunts his waking moments is a very real danger — if he loses control to the she-phantom stalking his mind, there is no hope that humanity will survive the coming onslaught.

Aurora Rose MacKay is a proud Southern woman with a strength honed by generations of women before her and a heart as big as her home state of Georgia. She’s determined to make it as an artist in the big city, just as soon as she can stop bailing her baby brother out of trouble. Until then, she does everything she can to make everyone she meets smile a little more, feel they mattered to her for a little while. She’s a ray of warmth in a cold impersonal world. Her only respite is a fantasy man she’s dreamt of as far back as she can remember. Sounds innocent, right? What could possibly go wrong with a dream? Well, finding out he’s real, and you belong to him could put a new twist on things. But one thing is certain; as long as she’s in the line of fire, he’ll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Warning: This book is intended for mature readers. This book contains intimacy, as well as violence, both real and implied, that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

I really hope you give this one a try. It's different, and it's so grab you by the pants good - in a good way.

That's about it for now. Ya'll keep an eye out for all the things I keep up with next. Can you say, 'Astrological Mates'?

More to come soon, thanks for letting me ramble.



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