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Bam is live!!!

Hello my peoples! Just a quick heads up in case you missed it - Bam is live! Bam's Ever was published yesterday. It's been really well received so far, which warms my little wooden heart.

If you haven't gotten your copy and you plan to, you'll want to do it soon. It was released at 99 cents, and will remain at that price for only a week, before it starts its gradual climb to it's regular price of $2.99. Here's the link for ya'll,

In other news, I've started work on all four of my next series, but fear not! Avaleigh's Boys is not finished. Vince still has to tell his story, and I have it on good authority that all the boys will be making cameo's in Riley's Pride, a spin-off series.

I also have Haven, Whispers From the Bayou and Variant coming at you soon.

Thank you so much for sticking with me and loving my boys as much as I do. I hope you'll enjoy the new series just as much.

Happy reading, ya'll.


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