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Haven 2: Redemption is Live!

You've been asking, and I've been listening. Haven 2 is here, and it's so, so good.

Take a little time to visit with Quin, Vivi, Kitty, and all the warriors you met in Haven 1. Then fall in love with all the new people you'll meet in Haven 2.

Here's a little bit about Haven 2: Redemption.

Haven 2: Redemption

!Trigger Warning!

Cast aside and forced to live apart from his family as a child, Rokai ahl has become insolent, resentful, angry, borderline criminal, and a general outcast as an adult. He has managed to build a life for himself in which he answers to no one and nothing. His loyalty lies with only himself. Having been captured, and threatened with execution as a thief and smuggler, he is surprised when the Consortium delivers him into the hands of a certain male. The very male he has resented since he was old enough to understand, that because of this male, he would never be enough. He stalks the corridors of Command Warship 1, on lockdown, arrogantly daring any and all to challenge him. But of course, none do. Until a golden skinned, curvy, human female dares to go toe-to-toe with him — to take from him, and leave him wanting. Who is this fiery little female? Why does she not fear him as all others do? Intrigued, he will not stop until he knows all there is to know about her.

Growing up on the streets of New York has made her hard and street smart. She ran with her own crew, doing whatever was necessary to survive. Though nothing prepared her for waking up on an alien ship, her lungs filled with viscous fluid, her body and choices no longer her own. But she’s alive — she survived, and in order to move past it all, she’s decided to write off the horrors she’s endured as payment for that survival. Rosalita is not a weak female, but she’s lost confidence. She needs to regain control, to feel powerful again. Manipulation of another is the easiest way for her to do that. And there’s a newly arrived alien roaming the ship begging for confrontation. He seems just the type she’s looking for. She recognizes him for what he is — a player and an outcast. She was one back on Earth as well and reads the signs easily. So, she’s got this, she will take control, she will find her strength once again. It’s time for the alien player to be played.

Rokai ahl, and Rosalita will perform a delicate dance, the balance of power tilting this way and that. Neither are able to look away from the undeniable pull they feel toward one another. Will they tear each other apart with their power play? Or will they finally see through their own arrogance long enough to realize the only path to redemption lies within each other?

Warning: Trigger Warning! Intended for mature audiences. This book contains explicit violence, abuse both real and inferred, and sexual situations that may be disturbing for some readers. If you are offended by these subjects, please do not buy this book.

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Haven 2: Redemption





And keep your eyes opened, the paperback will be here any day now. It's in process, too.

For a limited time this story is available for only 99 cents.

Thank you all for your support and always kind words. Happy reading, ya'll.

Sandra R Neeley

BLOG, aka Sandra's Brain Ramblings

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