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Brain Ramblings From Sandra R Neeley!

I think that's a suitable title. So, we shall leave it.

A couple of things...

First, I'll be at CCAE in Montgomery, Alabama, on the 20th and 21st of this month. It's been a long time since I saw any of my fellow author friends, and had the chance to visit with them, and got the chance to spend time getting to meet my readers face to face. I hope if you have the opportunity to come say hello, you'll do so. It's at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel and Spa at the Convention Center.

Second, I've been chasing the end of the book I'm currently writing, and should be done very soon - like in a day or two soon. This book is a little different. It is just like my other stories in the way that it's Paranormal, but it's a 'fade to black', or 'clean' romance. It's still adult themed, with adult issues, it's just clean. I suppose anyone could read it, but I don't think young teenagers would enjoy it very much. It's not about teen angst, or anything of the sort, so they might be bored. Then again, they might enjoy it because it does have all the challenges of a typical Paranormal Romance, just none of the stuff that makes the PNR too mature for them.

But, I digress...

New pen name, new series, and here we go on the right track again. I will still be writing my established series and storylines, and ever expanding as I've always planned. Nothing about Sandra R Neeley, or the stories associated with Sandra R Neeley will change. It's just that I've been asked repeatedly about cleaner versions for those who prefer a less detailed, less explicit (think sex, violence, anything that requires a warning) paranormal story.

Since I'll be writing two different types of stories, all under the Paranormal umbrella(which is a very wide umbrella if you really think about all the subgenres), I've decided to make things more clear for the reader. I've spent years establishing my name as an Indie Author, which is my real name by the way, and readers know what to expect between the pages when they see a book with my name on it. Again, nothing about the stories I offer under Sandra R Neeley will change. I've got plans to add to that catalog forever.

But I want to give the reader who wants to read Paranormal, Fantasy, and Scifi Romances a chance, but needs, or prefers a cleaner story. So, for the clean stories, they'll be published under the name, Ava Leigh Marchande, and they will be published wide. Meaning they'll be available on all platforms.

If you follow my Sandra R Neeley books, then the name Ava Leigh Marchande might look familiar to you. It's a play on the name of the heroine from my first book. Ava Leigh is, well, Avaleigh's name, and Marchande is Bane's and Bam's last name from the series Avaleigh's Boys. Witty, huh? I'm particularly happy with it.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to. The new pen name, is just to help keep the style of stories I'm offering separated and easily discerned for anyone who's interested in either.

Sandra R Neeley - 18+ mature audiences only, Paranormal, Fantasy, and SciFi Romances.

Ava Leigh Marchande - Clean 'Take Me Away Reads', 'Closed Door' Paranormal, Fantasy, and SciFi Romances.

So, that's where my mind rambles to today. It's what's going on in my life, because, yes, I needed another personality to handle in my head along with all the voices that never stop demanding their stories are told next. It's getting crowded in here, people!

Hope everyone out there is happy and healthy.

More to come soon.



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